Langara Toastmasters Club - Tuesday January 19, 2021

   1. Introduction

5:00 PM President’s welcome remarks

5:02 PM Toastmaster of the Day Jae Yoo
Introduces theme of the day and roles as follows.
Ah Counter and Grammarian Jeremy Wan
5:05 PM Timer Hyejin An
Harkmaster Jae Yoo
General Evaluator Open

   2. Speeches

5:08 PM Table Topics Master Andy Nguyen
5:20 PM Speaker 1 Deacon Jones

"The Unseen Hands of Theatrical Production: The Job of the Stage Manager" Dynamic Leadership Level 1 Mastering Fundamentals: Evaluation and Feedback - First Speech
5-7 minutes
Speaker 2 Open

   3. Evaluations

5:36 PM General Evaluator introduces speech evaluators

5:37 PM Table Topics Evaluator Jae Yoo
5:41 PM Evaluator 1 Hyejin An
Evaluator 2 Open

5:47 PM Harkmaster

5:50 PM Ah-Counter and Grammarian Report

5:51 PM Timer Report

5:52 PM General Evaluator provides feedback for speech evaluators and an overall assessment of the meeting.

5:57 PM VP Education announcements

5:58 PM President’s remarks | Guest Comments | Announcements

6:00 PM Meeting Adjourned.