Langara Toastmasters Meeting

Tuesday November 30, 2021 5:00 PM

   1. Introduction

Toastmaster of the Day Jae Yoo
Introduces theme of the day and roles as follows.
Ah Counter and Grammarian Roohi Farooq
Timer Lara Griner
Harkmaster Sonia Rodrigues
General Evaluator Jae Yoo

   2. Speeches

Table Topics Master Carson X., DTM
Speaker 1 Lara Griner
"Rio de Janeiro: the marvelous city" Presentation Mastery Level 4 Building Skills: Question-and-Answer Session (evaluation form)
15 – 20 minutes
Speaker 2 Open
Backup Speaker Open

   3. Evaluations

Table Topics Evaluator Jae Yoo
Evaluator 1 Carson X., DTM
Evaluator 2 Open